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               Suqian Ruixing Chemical Co.,Ltd.

              Antioxidant 1425 / Irg
              Light stabilizer 1222
              Ttrimebutine base
              Add:No. 3, Jingsi Road, Ecological Chemical Park,
              Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, China
              Tel:+86-527-80805666 (Switchboard) 
              Antioxidant 1425 / Irganox 1425
               Product name: Antioxidant 1425 / Irganox 1425
               Chemical name: Calcium bis(O-ethyl-3,5-di-t-butyl-4-hyrdroxyphosphonate)
               EINECS: 265-512-0
               Structural formula:
               Molecular formula: C34H56O10P2Ca
               CAS NO.: 65140-91-2
               Properties: white crystal, insoluble in water
               Molecular weight: 727
               Quality standard:
              Appearance: white powder
              Melting point (℃): 260min.
              Ca (%): 5.5min.
              Volatile matter (%): 0.5max.
              Light transmittance (%): 425nm: 85%.
               Uses: It can be used in for polyolefine and its polymerized matters, with such features as no color change, low volatility and good resistance to extraction. Especially, it is suitable for matter with large surface area, including polyester fiber and PP fiber, and offers good resistance to light, heat and oxidization.
               Storage Packing: Avoid heat and moisture; 25-50 Kg plastic bag lined cardboard drum., or following your demands.

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